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I was always into the spiritual world and when I truly opened the door of my heart to allow God and Divine Energies come through, my life instantly changed.

Now I work daily on merging the spiritual with the physical planes, through balancing my own spiritual and physical selves! My main skill is the Divine Communication with which I connect with the Creator and the Divine Expressions ~ the  Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spiritual Guides, in order to be taught in the ancient mysteries and share this knowledge with others.

I work daily on raising my vibration and my main purpose in this life is to share my knowledge by offering online courses, so I can help as many Souls as I can to achieve their goals and manifest the life they desire.

I feel unspoken gratitude for the help that I am provided with and I express my gratitude for having the support of so many people who have followed my work.

~ Gratitude, is the secret key which opens all doors of life!

by NikolaosBaralos

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“Magical and frequency-raising Totally attuned me to my Lemurian roots 😀 My life is forever changed for the better. Another beautiful support on my ascension journey. Thank you Nicholaus Baralos for such a beautifully aligning practice.

Katrina Taylor

"Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians!

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