What students say about this course:

"Great life changing course on Meditation." ~ Christopher Roberts

"Great meditations, the balance of voice and music perfect! I would highly recommend these meditations, Nikolaos has a hypnotic exotic voice, which makes it easy to return to his voice rather than falling off the cliff into mindless babble. These meditations are mighty powerful, A huge heartfelt thank you to the Instructor. Namaste" ~ Reiki Mama

"This Course is wonderful. Two of the meditations help me cleansed with a power I never thought is possible. The powerful prayers and affirmations sound as magic attunement for me. Thank you Nikolas." ~ Evelina Cohn Ph.D

"I have taken all the courses so far from this instructor. I highly recommend. I am almost 40 days into this one and feel the shift and energy. I can not wait for the next course from this instructor. This is one of my favorites and a go to for wanting advanced meditation that is really heart centered." ~ Jennifer Bates

"This is a very special course that goes beyond most others with an easy to understand introduction to the light body and sacred geometry - thankyou" ~ Paula Denison

Advanced Guided Meditations!

Description of the course:

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Based upon the teachings that I received from my beloved Ascended Masters and Teachers, I created this course to share with you my lessons on the manifestation of our Divinity, through Advanced Guided Meditations!

My name is Nikolaos Baralos and I welcome you with warm feelings to another of my courses, in which I promise you a magnificent journey through your existence, where you will meet and come into connection with the Great Masters, in a way to receive their blessings and awaken your inner gifts!    

Allow me to explain a bit the structure of the course!

In the First Section, you will receive the course’s introduction and general information on what you will need to know about this course. I will explain how Advanced Guided Meditations work, what they offer and how they can be used. Furthermore I will introduce you to a different concept of meditation ~ a concept which combines the states of meditation and praying.

In the Second Section, we will proceed right away to the Advanced Guided Meditations and the awakening of different gifts and blessings! More specifically, you will experience 9 Advanced Guided Meditations, in which you will activate your Sacred Heart and as a following step, open the way to activate your Light Body ~ the Mer Ka Bah, through receiving the teachings of Master El Morya ~ the Chohan of the First Ray. You will also activate the Flower of Life on a Soul level, by meditating with Master Lord Lanto ~ Chohan of the Second Ray and you will activate your Divine Blueprint by coming into connection with Master Jesus Christ. In addition, you will receive a full cleansing on your entire chakra system with help from the Archangels! You will also ignite your Divine Spark, which is the Sacred Flame within your Sacred Heart, by meditating with the Great White Brotherhood! Furthermore you will travel to the ancient continent of Lemuria and activate your Starseed of Life! Last but not least, you will find an AGM to help you offer healing to mother Earth and yourself and in the last AGM you will come to meet the Immortal Angel, who will help you cleanse yourself and the cosmos!

In the next and final section, number 3, I will present the course’s conclusion and suggestions on how you can proceed after this course.

Regardless the level of your spiritual growth, these meditations can be applied at any time and of course receive the blessing they offer as well as the activations and the attunements! Spirituality is unique to everyone and if you have come here, then this is the time for you! 

Without wanting to waste any of your time, I hope you will enjoy every moment of learning in this course and I wish you a pleasant and illuminating journey towards the True Self! Divine Blessings!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me! Hope to see you inside the course!

Love and Light, Nikolaos!

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