What students say about this course:
"I am really enjoying the course. As I experienced the guided attunement, beautiful purple, red, orange, blue, green and yellow colors swirled like billowing clouds of energy. An occasional face appeared! I didn't want it to end! A beautiful experience. Thank you! Thank you, Thank you." ~ Mikel Taylor
"Thank you for this amazing journey, this course is very enlightening and a lot of info we need as light workers. Take this course and you won't regret it. Namaste." ~ Loredana Yenick
"I did not know this instructor but decided to try out one of his courses and I'm glad I did! I could feel energy at my crown and 3rd eye chakras and this course has helped me expand my energies and consciousness. Nikolaos Baralos continues to update and improve his courses so it's an indication of his dedication. English is not his first language so there are a few misspellings but it did not detract from his course. He responds to my questions in a timely manner and I am very happy with what I have gotten out of his courses. I plan to learn more from Nikolaos in the future and I am thankful I ran across his courses on UDEMY." ~ Sharon Kimura
"I absolutely love this instructor. Very genuine & knowledgeable. The connections & practices that I have experienced and learned have had a profound effect in my life. I highly recommend." ~ Alanna Johnson
"I really enjoyed this course, it was very informative, and the Attunement makes you become part of the whole experience, you might fall asleep and have a few nice dreams, thats ok, just go back to where you were before and continue... its worth every minute...i love it, and I’ve learned a lot about angels, and how the assists us on our daily journey of life...Thanks again Nikolas, for another amazing lesson!!!" ~ Paula Peres

Archangels: Tune Yourself to Divine Energies!

Description of the course:

Based upon the Teachings that I received from my beloved Ascended Master and Teacher El Morya ~ Chohan of the First Ray, I created this course to share with you my lessons on the Angelic Energy and the Angelic Realms! My name is Nikolaos Baralos and I welcome you with warm feelings to another of my courses, where you will experience a journey inwards your true Self! Here you will discover everything you need, for your spiritual enlightenment, through connecting with "The Power of the Archangels"!

"The Power of Archangels" is a celestial attunement, which will tune you to the Divine Source where Archangels draw their Power, taught and executed by Master El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray!

Allow me to explain shortly the structure of the course, so you may have a general image of how everything is going to be displayed!

In the First Section, we will begin with the course’s introduction, where some general but important information will be shared regarding the aspects of this course and of course all needed information about your Attunement to the “Power of the Archangels”! We will proceed with meeting Master El Morya, the Chohan of the First Ray (the one who teaches and executes the attunement) and learn all necessary information about him. A guided meditation for higher connection with him will also be provided! Next, you will receive all information you need about your Attunement and about the Golden Angelic Ray, in which you will connect when you want to execute healings to yourself or others with the Angelic Energy! The final step of this section will be your Attunement to the “Power of the Archangels”, which is a celestial attunement on the source where Archangels draw their Power!

In the Second Section, you will be welcomed with an introduction that comes straight from Master El Morya, as I channeled it through my communications with him! You will also come to know the Archangels, their specialties and discover every information I can provide about them! Presented in different “categories”, you will learn about the Your Guardian Angels, the Archangels of the Four Cardinal Points, The Archangels who lived as humans, the Archangels who are Angels of Death, the Archangel Melchizedek ~ the one who anchors the Christ Consciousness and the Rest of the Archangels!

In the third section, we will go through your basic inner tools ~ tools that already exist within you or are available to you and can help you widen your spirituality and enlighten your consciousness! You will learn about your Higher Self, how to connect with him and how to be guided from him. You will be also given information about your 7 Basic Chakras & your 49 Secondary Chakras, as well as information about Kundalini Energy. You will learn how to open, cleanse, heal and activate your Chakras by yourself or with help from Angels and your Higher Self and two powerful breathe meditations to activate your Kundalini Energy! Last but not least, you will learn about the 7 Planes of Existence, how the process of attunements works and how all the above information are connected!

In the next section, number 4, you will learn how to execute healings to you or others, by channeling and using the Angelic Energy, or by calling the Archangels and receiving their help and in depth healing! Furthermore, to conclude this section, you will learn how to execute attunements to you or others, on the different specialties of the Archangels, so your inner world may be helped and clarity, balance and health may be achieved!

In the final and fifth section, I will present the course’s conclusion and by this point, all information will have been connected, stating you ready to proceed and teach others on the Angelic Energy and proceed with your Angelic Healings & Attunements. Furthermore you will experience a bonus Advanced Guided Meditation, which will help you cleanse and heal your Chakras!

If you are ready to truly open the door of your heart and let God with his Divine Expressions enter inside, then this course is the appropriate one for you! If you want to discover new realities and expand your consciousness, as well as walk side by side with the Angels and the Archangels, this is where you start! I have put my pure intention and effort in this course, to make it radiate the Creator's Love and the Angelic Blessings! I hope you will find it interesting and illuminating! Have a wonderful and pleasant journey!

Angelic Blessings!

** Please note that the attunement "The Power of the Archangels" is provided within the course, through an Advanced Guided Meditation! This Meditation is presented to you as it was presented to me by Master El Morya, who is the one who will actually guide you and offer you the attunement!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me! Hope to see you inside the course!

Love and Light, Nikolaos!

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