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"Beautiful course with high frequency. Beautiful meditations. These tools are valuable for your growing and evolving. Best spiritual course I have ever taken. Feeling deep gratitude. Thank you Nikolaos." ~ Sari M.

"It was a wonderful course, above my expectations." ~ Lois R. Hicks

"Awesome information and assimilated wonderfully as to help us expand!"  ~ Jim McChesney

"Wonderful course, really raises your vibrations, and beautifully presented. It was obviously created with heaps of love and integrity. Will definitely revisit the lectures again and again! Thank you!" ~ Storm Khandro Moon

"Wow...what a journey I went on with this course....I've taken many courses but this one surpasses them all...Thank you for the life altering path....Blessings to you" ~ Jeanette Lee Pearson

Divine Energies: Re-alignment
& Expansion of your Existence!

Description of the course:

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"As our life progresses, we often find ourselves feeling dis-located, non-aligned, broken, blocked or even divided. As an outcome we usually experience a negative attitude coming from the depth of our Self, leading us to experience unwanted feelings and thoughts. Since negativity has a low vibration, we immediately experience loss of energy and focus, making it difficult for us to experience inner-peace and balance.

As the symptoms are plenty, plenty can also be the reasons for why these symptoms are caused. Restrictive belief systems, negative thought-patterns, blocking energies on the different levels of our existence, oppressed feelings, traumatic experiences from the past ~ both from this life and previous lives, karmic debts & contracts, ignorance of specific virtues, energies that shower our planet and affect us on a cosmic level, the impact of society and of course, our own and unique Soul journey with its ups and downs, are the reasons for which we might just find ourselves, in the middle of a collapse.

When all of a sudden, we wake up in a moment and ask ourselves, how did this happen? How did I reach at this point? What is happening to me? This is a moment, in which our very own Core has been affected and probably corrupted in some way. And this is the reason for which, no matter whatever we try, we cannot restore our well-being and experience balance, harmony, inner-peace, love, connection joy and prosperity.

When Love, the pure and divine energy of our Creator, seems to been lost and when our Self, stops experiencing the unconditional Love that showers and fulfills our existence, all meaning of life disappears, leaving us empty, being pulled into oblivion, dissolusion and apathy.

If all the above describe vividly, something that you experienced in your life, something that you might experience right now, something that may have been lasting for years or even your whole life, I welcome you to join me in a journey of re-alignment and restoration of your whole existence. By channeling and being attuned to the Divine Energies of Creation, we will go through a deep cleansing, restoring and empowering the elements that compose us, making us capable of returning once again to our purity, our natural order and function, to our purpose, to our wisdom. Having as a result to proceed further, diving in a Spiritual Quantum Leap, to unlock our true potential and leaving us by the end of this journey, with the ability and the awareness, to preserve our Core in its finest state.

My name is Nikolaos Baralos, and I welcome you to a very special course, which I have created with abundant warmth, hoping to provide you an answer, a solution and a help, for the times you cannot find them by yourselves.

With pure Love and bright Light,
Divine Blessings!

* Please note that all mentioned attunements are offered within the course, through Advnaced Guided Meditations.

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