What students say about this course:

"All of Nikolaos's courses are done with care and consideration of the highest good. I have taken all of his courses and find the ones that extend my Reiki practice to be the ones I enjoy the most, although all of his courses have deepened my knowledge and connection. Highly recommend his courses." ~ Sandra Campbell

"Another beautiful course, so much love and gratitude to you Nikolaos  🙏🏽" ~ Christine Lawrence

"This new Reiki upgrade take things to a whole new level. As always, I love all courses by Nikolaos Baralos and I highly recommend this one if you are ready to upgrade your master level of Mikao Usui Reiki. Take your time with the new symbols, they are very powerful. Blessings." ~ Francis Iltes

"As with all Nikolas' other courses, a truly wonderful course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone" ~ Lizabeth Bisschoff

"I fully enjoyed this course. It has helped to open my heart, mind and spirit and soul. I enjoy his courses. They are always engaging and well put together. Thank you" ~ “Stormi” Annette Summers

"Wonderful experience....thank you !" ~ Steven Orsman

Egyptian Reiki!

Description of the course:

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“Egyptian Reiki” is an original upgrade level of the Traditional Usui Reiki System, through which you will receive an apprenticeship on the sacred knowledge of the infinite Intuitive Light!

This course has been created through a unique combination of energies, blessings and vibrations, so to offer you an attunement which will touch and awaken all the levels of your existence.

In this upgrade level, you will receive the divinity of the Light Language and Light Codes as blessings ~ channeled by the Egyptian Deity Osiris, the attuning power of the Spoken Word channeled by Lord Melchizedek, the pure and unconditional love of creation channeled by Goddess Amerissis and the unique gifts of the Seven Rays provided by the Chohans of the Rays, all together combined and united with the wisdom of Reiki, channeled by the Ascended Master Mikao Usui.

Through your attunement you will receive 5 new Master Symbols which will are designed not only for healing, but also as tools for introspection and inner revelation. You will be given information about the 5 essences that compose the soul and receive a general idea of the ancient egyptian philosophy. The main focus of education will be given on the Heart-Mind body, because through awakening the mind, you may awaken any other essence of your Soul. 

I have put my sincere effort to preserve the authenticity of the information given to me and now shared to you, so you’ll be able to receive this unique combination of divine knowledge as intact as possible.

I hope that you will enjoy every moment of learning and that you’ll find this course helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
Blessings of Light, Nikolaos Baralos!

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