What students say about this course:
"If you have taken the first level of the Lemurian Light and the Atlantan Reiki course, then you must definitely do this second level course. This is a truly amazing journey, raising your vibrations and opening channels and a much deeper understanding. The new master symbol brings about a wonderful energy. I highly recommend this course. Love & light." ~ Franics Iltes
"This course, like all of the ones before, are created with the highest intentions and desire to pass on the next step in new teachings and new areas of learning. This course is meant to be taken after Level 1 as it builds on prior knowledge. I highly recommend any of his courses for ease of study, quality of material and excellent resources." ~ Sandra Campbell
"WOW very powerful course. Thank you." ~ Kristin Wise
"Love this course It is very informative for my own spiritual growth" ~ John Martin

Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians!

Level II

Description of the course:

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"Lemurian Light and the Reiki of the Atlantians ~ Level II" is another original upgrade level to the Traditional Usui Reiki System, which I channeled through my communication with the Divine Masters ~ Master Mikao Usui and the Chohans of the Seven Rays!

Through this course you will receive an expansion on your “Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians” level and you will further expand your attunements to the ancient energies from the continents of the divine wisdom!

The main purpose of this level is to offer you new initiations and empowerments, which will compliment your basic Attunement. Through this course you will receive new knowledge and information, a new Master Symbol which combines the energies of the Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians, deeper connection with the Energies and as a result you will reach a higher level on your energy healing abilities.

You will also travel again to the sacred grounds of the Holy Cities of Lemuria and Atlantis through 2 Advanced Guided Meditations. In the first you will meet meet again with your Master Reiki Guide from Atlantis, who will offer you a unique attunement especially designed for you only, to achieve conscious presence on a Soul level and in the second meditation you will meet again with your Spiritual Guides from Lemuria, who will help you activate your Star-Anchor, which will allow you to ground your Soul’s perception into your physical presence.

The 3 Empowerments provided in this course, will allow you to activate within you the 3 main angelic states ~ the Angel Warrior, the Angel Protector and the Angel Healer, which finally will be combined in a fourth state ~ the Knight Angel. The empowerments will also provide you further practice with the 5 elements, this time by learning about their unique combinations, revealing the harmonic elements.

  • Learn a new Master Symbol, which combines the energies of the Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians!

  • Receive three new initiations: 1) "The Mystical Rhythm" ~ 2) "The Cosmic Vibration" and 3) "The Enlightened Frequency"

  • Receive three new Empowerments which compose the state of the "Knight Angel": 
    1) "The Sword of Supremacy" ~ 2) "The Shield of Eternal Peace" and 3) "The Feathers of Glory"

By the end of the course you will receive your new Attunement and you will be able to teach this upgrade to others, as the previous one.

I hope to see you inside the course and if yes, I wish you a wonderful learning experience!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Blessings of Light,

Nikolaos Baralos!

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