What students say about this course:

"This course is singing for the heart so pure blessings that shower our existence. Wonderful done. I pray that everybody will get in touch with these God blessings at some point in their existence." ~ Evelina Cohn Ph. D

"Such an insightful and beautiful reawakening of the light codes. Thank you!" ~ Sofia Hohnholt

"I have just finished the course and wow!! absolutely love this course and how Nikilaos presents everything. i have just signed up for another course of his. Blessings Nikolaos and thank you." ~ Stacy Beattie

"This is a very excellent course And I really appreciated on how it was well put together I had already started doing some light language prior but I didn't know how to fully understand it as I am now growing more spiritually from many of the healing modalities that I have taken. Thank you. Sincerely, Ken" ~ Kenneth Meuse

"It's made quite an impression on me. I haven't had an attunement for a number of years and have had a busy life of operations chronic illness and divorce that's taken over my life. I now know that being in this space of of waking up to new future brighter experiences of living and mastering my energy will no doubt open doors , be where I'm meant to be now. It is the greatest pleasure to know and I do know that's all behind me now. I've experienced the benefits of attenements before they are incredibly supportive, individual to you, and always have rejuvenated me and shown me the way along the journey to ascension. I don't know where I am on the journey, but all I do know is that I'm where I should be. I'm grateful that my intuitive energy has guided me to meet the most experienced facilitators which suit me, that I understand their energy in a way which has the most benefit. For this is my undoing so I am available to travel light. Thank you for a truly wonderful course it's an amazing experience❤️" ~ Zoë

Light Codes and Divine Communication!

Description of the course:

"Light Codes and Divine Communication" is a course which will help you understand the Language of God and activate your Divine Guidance!

It is based upon the teachings that I receive through my own Divine Communications from the beloved Ascended Masters/Teachers and the Creator and in this course I’ll guide you to connect with the Light Language ~ which is the Language of our Creator, so you may awaken your own Divine Communication and proceed in your spiritual journey by your own!

Specifically, in this course you will learn all about Light Language and Light Codes. What they are, where do they come from and how they can be used. Also you will find out if you are a Light Code Carrier and if not how to become one, through a Guided Attunement which is offered in this course!

Furthermore you will learn how to activate Light Codes which you receive, how to create your own Light Codes and how to transform the Light Language into anything you desire and bring your creations into manifestation!

And you will achieve all these, by understanding the flow of the Light Language within you and by connecting with your Spiritual Aspect, through a unique Guided Meditation, again offered in this course! Finally, this will allow you to connect with the Divine Realm and be able to receive your own blessings, by expressing the Divine Word.

In addition, I will present a variety of Light Codes, transformed and expressed through Meditative Prayers and Attuning Psalms. I will provide some general but important information about Prayers and Psalms and I will guide you into an attuning meditative state, in which you will be offered activations, downloads and blessings for your entire life and its different aspects. Through the Prayers and Psalms you will be offered cleansing, protection, expansion of your spirituality, divine grace, higher connection and much more gifts!

I hope to see you inside the course and I wish you a pleasant and illuminating journey towards the Light! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Love and Light, Nikolaos!

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