What students say about this course:

"An excellent course in becoming aware of your self-healing!" ~ Jackie Majic

"Yet another course by Nicolas which got me very excited. I cannot wait to be attuned to this reiki. Love the symbol." ~ Katerina Patykova

"Thank you very much, Master Nikolaos, I really enjoyed this course. As attending your courses, I understand that I am more in tune with the energies that are offered to you. I also understand that Reiki of sacred love is the next stage of Rainbow Reiki, and I feel that I’m better in tune with these symbols than before. Best regards !"  ~ Vasco Senna-Fernandes

"This is the second course I attend from Nikolaus Baralos, and as the first one, this one is truly unique, too! With such a powerful meditations, and even before i have got my attunement, the special meditation of self healing was so, so powerful! Just love you courses, I will attend the next one very soon! Thank you so much!" ~ Gunn N. Morstøl

"Very good match. I am excited at the opportunity to continue the journey of spirit and enlightenment." ~ Sharon Myers

Reiki of the Sacred Love!

Description of the course:

"Reiki of the Sacred Love" is another original upgrade level to the Traditional Usui Reiki System, which I channeled through my communication with the Divine Masters ~ Master Mikao Usui and the Chohans of the Seven Rays!

My name is Nikolaos Baralos and I welcome you to a new experience, which I hope to be a journey of exploration on the purity of Love!

The purpose of this upgrade is to provide you a deep understanding on the Sacred Energy that lies inside the inner center of the Heart and on how this energy can be used for self-healing, self-realization and mastery on one’s self!

This Sacred Energy is the energy of pure love and in this course I will explain how this energy is created within us and the miracle which occurs, when the energy of pure love is combined with Reiki! Furthermore, I will explain the function of this energy and the 3 states of its transformational process!

In this Reiki upgrade, you will also receive a new Master Symbol, which will help you in your practice and of course in your healings! After receiving your attunement to this upgraded level of Reiki, you will of course be able to teach this upgrade to others and share this knowledge if you feel guided to do so!

In the course there will also be guided meditations to help you obtain awareness on the sacred energy in all of its states and help you explore the sacred space of your inner heart. I will also provide you a specific guided meditation for your everyday self-healing, which you can use and be helped, after you receive your attunement!

I hope to see you inside the course and if yes, I wish you a wonderful learning experience!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
Blessings of Light, Nikolaos Baralos!

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