Sacred Abundance ~ the way of happiness!

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"The word pain, comes from the word penury ~ the state of extreme poverty. Any pain can be eliminated through the revelation of abundance. Health, the most precious commodity of life, is a product of the true wealth of the soul and can be experienced at all levels when man enters his sanctity. There, the sacred abundance can reveal to him the way of his happiness."

My name is Nikolaos Baralos and I welcome you to a journey of inner exploration, so to understand the potential of your sacred abundance and realize it on a complete existential level.

By going through a mindful perspective regarding the definition of abundance and by understanding the function of your psyche regarding the concept of abundance, you will be able to liberate yourself from restrictive energies and experience an expanding of your well-being and of your prosperity.

"Only one, is your holy path.

Only one, is the sacred truth of who and what you are.

Only you, can live your sanctity."

I hope that you will enjoy every moment of learning
and that you’ll find this course helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
Blessings of Light, Nikolaos Baralos!

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